Achieve your Race Goals

Whether you are a newbie or seasoned runner - I'm hear to calm your nerves and guide the way to complete ALL of your running goals! With the right support network anyone can turn into a runner. You can expect to get guidance on how to building milage, injury prevention, fueling, keeping it fun, and achieving PR's. 



Training Plan (5k-Marathon)

  • In-person or phone consultation to discuss goals and race history
  • 12 week race specific training plan that fits YOUR life
  • Monthly check-in and adjustments
  • Unlimited Communication

Rates: $160 from start to finish (yes - I'm not crazy that's 3 months of support but that's how much I believe in you) 

1:1 Coaching 

  • In-person or phone consultation
  • Training plan sent bi-weekly
  • Strength and Core exercises incorporated either in-person or online
  • General Nutrition/Fuel guidance
  • Unlimited Communication 

Rates:  Vary depending on location

Be Well. Be Strong. Be Healthy. Today.